Other places I show my stuff:

Spitpaint Group - 30 minute speedpaints a group of friends and I do every day.


Artist Friends: 

Nathan Perry Mike Reeves Albino-Z
Jordi Bjørg Versteege Mateja Petkovic Olly Lawson
Raphael Lübke Viktor Fetsch

Alex Negrea

Atey Ghailan Isra Carrion Jordan Grimmer


Inspirational Artists (the ones I don't know anyway): 

Jaime Jones Craig Mullins Mathias Verhasselt
Oyo Peleng aka Sergey Kolesov Petar Meseldzija
Matthew Barrett Todd Lockwood  


Other Cool People: 

Jason Woofenden - My cousin, and the guy who keeps this site running. 


Some Art Websites:

Muddy Colors - A collective illustration blog.

Gurney Journey - Dinotopia-creator James Gurney's blog.